Unleash the Power of the Inbox to Set Off a Chain Reaction of Engagement, Retention, and Bottom-Line Profits in YOUR Business!

If you’re ready to upscale your engagement, improve your inboxing, strengthen subscriber retention, and bullet-proof your bottom line, let myself and my team at The Isotope Agency put together a comprehensive, winning email marketing strategy.

Check out our two primary Success Plans below, then let’s schedule some time to chat. I can’t wait to help you uncover the biggest issues in your email marketing, and come up with a consistent, winning plan for success.

Supernova Plan

The Supernova Plan is our bespoke, “Done For You” service designed for businesses already acquiring profitable leads and customers, but for whatever reason, have never scaled the power of email marketing to its full potential. 

Think of the Supernova Plan as an enterprise-level outsourcing of your entire email marketing department. 

Using the same simple, consistent blueprint for success that I’ve used to help generate over $58 million in sales over my career, we’ll handle every aspect of your email marketing – from strategy development to list hygiene to email creation and more…

Put my team of proven copywriters, deliverability experts, and email strategists to work and transform your email into a living, breathing profit center for your business.

The Supernova Plan is a complete 360º approach to email marketing that allows you to focus on your core business while we get to work building a rabid fanbase for you that will weather any economic storm. 

If your ready to discover how the Supernova Plan can work 24/7 for your business by doing less – much less, in fact – let’s book a call today!

Fusion Plan

Is your business on the precipice of success, but you just need an experienced hand to guide your team on a path toward more consistent and profitable results? 
My Fusion Plan is a “Done With You” service engineered for businesses with an in-house team of at least a copywriter and email tech. 
I’ll work with your team to develop a comprehensive, winning email marketing strategy, and I’ll be there day-in and day-out to guide your team to successful execution.
As your business evolves, you’ll also benefit from monthly and quarterly strategy sessions and audits, and weekly tactical calls with your teams to execute. You’ll also be part of my twice-monthly live coaching calls and have access to my library of content and materials to implement in your business.
Let’s work together to ignite a chain reaction in your email marketing strategy!
If your ready to discover how the Fusion Plan can profitably scale your business using my simple, consistent, proven strategies for success, let’s book a call today!


Our Success Plans aren’t just about copywriting or sending emails. They are about constructing a comprehensive email marketing strategy for every season of your business.

Where you’ll really benefit from working with us is our decade of “in-the-trenches” experience. I’ve managed the email marketing strategies for multiple clients and businesses not just as a copywriter, but as a list manager and most recently, a CEO of an 8 figure online business with 4 brands and over 500,000 subscribers.

In my decade of experience, I’ve learned what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to email, from profitable lead gen strategies to list hygiene and deliverability, to retention and much more. 

But it starts with a conversation about where you are in your business right now – so let’s get something on the calendar soon!

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Both the Fusion and the Supernova Success Plans complement your team’s efforts in different ways. 

If you already have a small team but need the leadership and experience to transform your efforts into bottom-line results, you may be a perfect candidate for the Fusion Plan.

I’ll work one-on-one through weekly coaching, monthly planning, and quarterly vision plans to set up a simple and consistent marketing strategy that your team can implement with my guidance and direction. 

If your business has been growing through successful front-end acquisition strategies, that’s where the Supernova Plan can help pour fire on your marketing efforts by outsourcing your email marketing to us as a profit center for your business.

We’ll partner with you for success and provide the tools, resources, and the team to execute a plan – and transform email into your most profitable marketing channel in your business, period. 

The best way to determine what plan works best for where you are in your business TODAY is to book a call so I can learn more about where you’re coming from and where you’d like to be tomorrow.

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Our Fusion and Supernova Success Plans are designed to work directly with businesses who already have an established mailing list (about 10,000 names is probably a good foundation to start) and are looking to take their results to the next level through the power of email. 

It’s crucial to think of either plan as an investment in your business. As the CEO of a direct response marketing company, I tripled sales and scaled from low 7-figures to 8 figures in a short time – but I didn’t do it alone!

I did it by reinvesting profits with the experts who knew better than myself and could help us reach our goals. Whether it was traffic, social media, copywriting, or compliance, the focus of every opportunity was to generate a positive return on our investments. 

Email marketing is by far the greatest return on your marketing dollar there is. In fact, according to Hubspot nearly 40% of all brands are increasing their investment in email marketing this year. 

If you’re looking to grow your bottom-line profits with the most effective return, email marketing is the key. And each of our Success Plans are designed to partner with your business to reduce your risk. 

That being said, if you are just starting out, there is no better time to learn about the power of the inbox to grow your business! That’s why we’ll soon be rolling out some other ways to benefit from our services for those on a budget. 

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Once you sign up for a Success Plan, the exciting journey of amplifying your email results begins! We start with an initial deep-dive into your business… its goals, challenges, what’s working for you and what isn’t. We’ll review the current lifecycle of your subscribers and identify the holes in your marketing that are obstacles to success.

For Fusion clients, the next steps are getting to know your team, determining KPIs and how we’ll work together to share data, and assembling a schedule of weekly tactical reviews, monthly audits and strategy sessions. 

For Supernova clients, the onboarding process is more comprehensive, but the processes are the same. We’ll be handling the execution of your marketing plan, so much of what happens next depends on where you are in your current email marketing efforts. 

In either case, we’ll focus on some quick wins we’ll identify during our initial discovery phase to get your investment back fast – and then get you on the path to consistent, scalable profits over time! 

But nothing happens without that initial conversation about where you are in your business right now – so let’s get something on the calendar soon!

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Rest assured, everything we do together is a “work for hire” as outlined in the Marketing Agreement you’ll get when you engage our services. 

All of the email creatives, the data, the automations and journeys are all your property, regardless if it’s written by your team (Fusion Done With You Plan) or created by our team of copywriters and marketers (Supernova Done For You Plan). 

It’s part of our commitment to provide a transparent, ethical, and value-driven service that will fuel your marketing efforts for years to come. 

Great question – while AI like ChatGPT can generate content, most folks are already beginning to recognize the predictable hallmarks of AI-driven writing. Do you want a machine to be responsible for the most important part of your business – engaging with your audience?

I hope not – because the average consumer already gets over 100 emails in their inbox every day… Don’t you want YOUR emails to be the ones they seek out amongst all that noise?

The only way to do that is through the authentic human voice. 

Beyond that, as we’ve already discussed, email marketing is about so much more than copywriting. It involves a deep understanding of your business, your audience, and the ability to create, execute, and adjust a living, breathing plan based on real-time analytics. 

At The Isotope Agency, our entire philosophy is based around the idea of creating authentic, profitable, human relationships with your audience.

My team and I have years of experience doing just that… creating dynamic, personalized, compelling messaging that connect with your audience on a human level. To understand the difference that human touch can make in your email marketing strategy, book a call with me today.