Jeremey Hunsicker

Direct Response Copywriter | Creator


Jeremey Hunsicker is a direct response copywriter and avowed raconteur. He lives in the mountains of western Virginia and spends most of his time writing Facebook and YouTube ads. Occasionally he writes and sings songs. Jeremey enjoys herbal tea, hi fidelity music, and punchy hooks that get straight to the money.


Jeremey's first job out of college was a copywriter for a real estate magazine, but that job didn't pay for shit and it was soul crushing. So he soon moved into the world of sales and operations in the transportation industry, working for such giants as FedEx Freight and Saia Trucking.This too was soul crushing.During a brief stint as a professional musician, he was tagged to be the next lead singer for the legendary rock band Journey. While that didn't pan out, he did receive songwriting credit for his contributions to their 2008 Platinum-selling album Revelation.After a vocal cord injury ended his music career, he returned to his first love, direct response copywriting. Soon after, he began an 8-year stint as the CEO of an 8-figure health and wellness company.During his tenure, he drove over $55 million in sales and spearheaded multiple 7-figure launches, including the brand Awakening from Alzheimer's, and documentary series of the same name.Since February of 2024, Jeremey has worked for one of the world's largest direct response digital ad agencies as a Senior Copywriter and Associate Copy Chief.It's his favorite job so far.


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